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College Of Agricultural Sciences And Technology

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Welcome to the College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (CoAST) where Science, Technology and Innovation in Agriculture are emphasized. A college where students are not just given education and experience, communities are not just given knowledge, but targeting to help them succeed to transform agricultural sector through the use of technologies and innovations. CoAST is committed in offering practical oriented agricultural education and trainings. It was established after identifying the gaps in leveraging the use of technologies and innovations in agricultural sector development. 

CoAST has an extended MUST mission to develop competent students, staff and communities in areas of agricultural science, technology and innovation to respond to challenges facing agricultural sector in Tanzania and the world at large. The extended MUST vision of the college is to become a prominent hub for training and cutting-edge scientific and technological innovations in agriculture, livestock, fisheries and beekeeping for sustainable and inclusive development.

The college was established with the objectives to: 

     i.        Train students in various fields of agriculture focusing on their sciences and technologies. 

   ii.        Conduct research and undertake projects in areas of agriculture and coming up with solutions and innovations for agricultural development through the use of its staff expertise, the available state-of-the-art laboratory and farm facilities to address the real-world challenges facing agricultural sector in Tanzania and the world at large.

  iii.        Provide consultancy services to communities and various stakeholders for solving various challenges facing agricultural sector from the community to the government level, including conducting capacity building in new agricultural skills and technologies through short-course and tailor-made trainings to the farming communities in Tanzania and beyond.

  iv.        Develop and pioneer innovations in agriculture for promoting appropriate technologies for sustainable intensification of agricultural production and income, reducing negative impact to the environment and resilience to climate change.

The college has six (6) allocated departments:

     i.        Department of Agricultural Engineering     

   ii.        Department of Crop Science and Horticulture      

  iii.        Department of Food Science and Technology       

  iv.        Department of Natural Resources     

    v.        Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science         

  vi.        Department of Agronomy and Soil Science 

Out of these, two departments: Department of Food Science and Technology and Department of Crop Sciences and Horticulture are active and running with a total of 31 staff (25 academicians, 2 instructors, 3 technicians and 1 administrative staff). 

The college has the MUST Demonstration farm with 30 Acres of land as a training platform for agricultural skills development and capacity building of new agricultural practices, technologies and innovations. The CoAST demo farm will support teaching activities and practical training to students who will be enrolled in CoAST as well as students from other colleges within MUST, other academic institutions and the farming communities.


Contact Personnel

Dr. Eliezer Brown Mwakalapa

Email: eliezer.mwakalapa@must.ac.tz

Tel:    +255713710988; +255739710988