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This library guide provides basic information about MUST Library services. The Library is a place for study. It provides books and non-book materials which users need. It also provides study space for serious students and staff. It is essential that users of the library should contribute to its satisfactory operation by observing the rules and regulations, which govern its use with particular regard to borrowing books in the legitimate way. 

MUST Library has got two main sections namely: Special reserve and circulation section

Circulation/Lending Section

It is one of the key sections of the library. It is located on the first floor and most books on this floor can be borrowed for external use. Readers have free access to the shelves and may browse and borrow at will.

Special Reserve Section

It is located on the ground floor. In this section, highly needed books are kept. The books are used within the library only.

Check Point

This is one of the sub-sections located on the ground floor. Upon entering and exiting the library, users must declare/show all their belongings to the librarian at the checkpoint. This checking is done for the benefit of all readers to avoid the inconvenience which may arise when books intended for use by all are unlawfully removed. Readers are therefore asked to co-operate with the library staff.