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ICT Directorate

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The Directorate of Information and Communication Technology Services and Statistics (DICTSS) oversee all matters pertaining to ICT and Statistics for the University. It is dedicated for providing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services to the Staffs & Students as well as Statistics for the entire University. The DICTSS is responsible for planning, managing and executing all ICT functions and Statistics of MUST. The Directorate consists of three Departments namely Department of Computer Maintenance, Networking and Troubleshooting, Department of Software Systems, and Department of Statistics.

. Among others DICTSS is responsible for

  1. The implementation of ICT policies, strategies and standards;
  2. Promoting best practices to acquisition, use, and disposal of ICT resources;
  3. Contribution towards sustainability of the Centre in order to enable effective execution of its mandate
  4. Coordinating and leading in resource mobilization from other sources of funding for the ICT strategies implementation

Among of the services that are offered by DICTSS to the university include:-

  • Users Support
  • Email services to staff and students
  • LAN and WLAN(wireless LAN) installation and Maintenance
  • Computer  Maintenance and Repair
  • Website administration and hosting
  • System Administration
  • System Development
  • Other ICT related activities at MUST
  • Statistics of the University