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One of the most important welfares to the students is accommodation services. The University has established Students Accommodation Bureau to manage accommodation facilities and its maintenance. The bureau is manned by the Bureau Manager and monitored by the Bureau Board. However, the University has limited number of bed spaces to accommodate all students on-campus. The situation necessitates therefore that students who do not get on-campus accommodation are advised to look for off–campus accommodation in residential areas near the University or elsewhere. There a number of private houses and few student hostels near the University to cater for both female and male students.

Fees for on-campus accommodation are set by the University and reviewed from time to time as the need be while for off-campus accommodation is a negotiable between the owner of the house/hostel and the student.

  • Room Allocation

Students are allocated room space after applied for on-campus accommodation in consideration of criteria for allocating accommodation to students available in the Students Accommodation Policy 2016.

The rooms in the University hostel blocks will be furnished with beds, mattress, and few tables and chairs in some rooms. You are not allowed to remove fittings in the rooms and you are responsible for the proper care of all the property. Any damage or loss must be reported immediately to the Warden/Bureau Manager. The MUST Students By- Laws 2014 and Students Accommodation guidelines 2017 stipulates all accommodation disciplinary offences.

  • Harmonious Living

You will be expected to live peacefully with one another in their allocated rooms. If at all you are found to be misbehaving towards your roommate you shall be evicted from the room. Misbehaving includes but is not limited to being drunk, smoking and/or drug abuse inside the room, bringing unauthorized guests into the room, and immoral acts in the presence of roommates in the room and/or within the hostel block premises. Some students find it challenging to live in harmony with a new roommate(s). In case of serious interpersonal conflicts you should report to the warden/ janitor and Bureau Manager so that a resolution may be found.

  • Safety and Security

The University is generally a safe environment; however you are advised not to entertain strangers in your rooms. In case of theft or suspicious activity you should report to the warden/security office located at the reception.


At the University there is a cafeteria used to serve meals to government and private sponsored Ordinary Diploma students who paid the prescribed fees for meal services at the University cafeteria. Other students including undergraduates they get meal services at the MUST Social Club, Baba/Mamalishe sheds and from food vendors around the University with a reasonable price. The MUST Social Club and Baba/Mamalishe sheds are regularly evaluated for food safety and quality standards and control of the prices. However, the University cannot assure you of the food safety, quality and standards of foods served by food vendors around the University.