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Internal Audit Unit

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Internal Audit function reports administratively directly to the Vice Chancellor and functionally to the Audit Committee.


The dual reporting is for the purpose of availing the Internal Audit Unit the independence and freedom required to perform their internal audit responsibilities in an unbiased manner.



The purpose, responsibilities and authority of the Internal Audit function are set out in the Internal Audit Charter of the University as approved by the Council.



The Unit is staffed by five (5) officers and a secretary.

The Internal Audit Unit is headed by the Chief Internal Auditor, who is assisted by four officers.

1. Chief Internal Auditor                 CPA  Frank N. Kindimba

2. Internal Audit Officer I                Ms. Caroline Barozi

3. Internal Auditor I                         CPA  John C. Marindo 

4. Internal Audit Officer II               Mr. Theodory Sekule

5. Internal Audit Officer II               Mr. Ndipo Emil Mwakalindile

6. Secretary                                       Ms. Leonila Audax



 The Chief Internal Auditor is a member of the following organs of the University.

          a) The Audit Committee of the Council.

              The Chief Internal Auditor is the Secretary of the Audit Committee of the Council

          The Audit Committee is required to hold four regular meetings annually, with one meeting being held after every quarter.

           b) The Chief Internal Auditor is a standing invitee to the following organs

           (i) The Finance, Planning and Development Committee.

           (ii) The Council, where he presents reports from the Audit Committee.

           c) He is a member of the Principals, Deans and Directors Committee; and a member of the Budget committee.

           d) He is also a member of the University SENATE.