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Planning and Investment Directorate

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Directorate of Planning and Development was established in 2012/2013 following the transformation of Mbeya Institute of Science and Technology to Mbeya University of Science and Technology in order to strengthen planning and development undertakings in the University. The Directorate operates under the Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor – Planning, Finance and Administration. Formerly, it existed as a Planning Office. The Directorate of Planning and Development comprises of three units namely:-

  1. Planning and Project Development Unit,
  2. Budget, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
  3. Resource Mobilization Unit.


Staffing has grown from 1 to 8 staff with a Director as the Head. The Directorate is one of the key functional units of the University as it is responsible for coordinating all matters related to planning and investment issues.


The mandate of the Directorate of Planning and Developent includes:

  1. Advisor to the office of Deputy Vice Chancellor - Planning, Finance and Administration on all matters pertaining to planning and development.
  2. Develops and reviews the corporate strategic plan and appropriately advises the management.
  3. Develops and reviews the master plan and appropriately advises the management.
  4. Establishes and manages University databank
  5. Effectively markets the University plans internally and externally
  6. Proposes effective strategies for mobilizing resources for implementing the university plans.
  7. Prepares annual budgets.
  8. Prepares plans or project documents.
  9. Prepares planning policy for the University.               


The Directorate of Planning and Development is mandated to undertake and implement all activities related to resources mobilization in relation to the overall strategic plan of the Mbeya University of Science and Technology. It also coordinates University’s efforts towards the sustainable financing of its programs. Thus the University is determined to attract more stakeholders to invest at the University through Public Private Partnership arrangements in its flagship projects.  In light of that, the Directorate is working continuously to identify potential collaborators/investor(s) who can invest in various projects at the University premise including;  

  1. Construction of students’ hostels
  2. Construction of business centre
  3. Construction of Technology and Science Park
  4. Construction of conference centre.


Mbeya University of Science and Technology also do attract development partners with unsolicited PPP projects. For further correspondences, development partner with unsolicited PPP project should direct enquiries or Letter of Interest (LOI) to Vice Chancellor via the following emails:

  1. vc@must.ac.tz,
  2. dvcpfa@must.ac.tz
  3. dpi@must.ac.tz