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Construction Management and Technology

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Department of Construction Management and Technology (CMT)

Welcome to the Department of Construction Management and Technology (CMT). The CMT department was officially established on 1st September, 2019 following the reformation of the University to become a more world-class, modern University of Science and Technology as well as to become more responsive to the current market demands. The Department of Construction Management and Technology is one of the three departments under the College of Architecture and Construction Technology (CoACT) of Mbeya University of Science and Technology.

The department has seven staff out of them three PhD holders in construction management, engineering science and management as well as Building Information Modeling. Three Master Degree holders whereby two Master Degree holders are in Construction Economics and Management and that in Civil Engineering. Also, the department has a Bachelor degree holder in Building Economics. Most of the academic staff in the department have been registered with their Professional registration boards such as AQRB and ERB that allow them to practice their professionals.  

The general objective of the department is to offer education, training and conduct research and consultancy in building science and technology, building construction technology and management and quantity surveying so as to develop a critical mass of highly trained manpower who will work in construction industry as Consultants (Quantity Surveyors) as well as policy makers. The CMT department staff have potentials to contribute and participate in the three core functions of the University (i.e., Teaching, Research and Consultancy).

For the time being the department has no student enrolled but, the staff from the department are teaching in other departments from other Colleges of the University. However, the Department has already developed two curricula-Master of Science in Construction Management and Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying and Technology which have been submitted to TCU for approval. Apart from academic training, the department is also focusing in the following areas of research and consultancy works:

  • Design and supervision of construction of new buildings and rehabilitation works;
  • Preparation of Tender Documents and Contract management;
  • Evaluation of Tender processes;
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities (BoQs);
  • Risk and Disaster management in Construction Industry;
  • Climate Change adaptation and Mitigation measures with related Green Building Construction Technologies;
  • Built environment conservation; and
  • Affordable building materials.

The CMT Department is conducting short courses training in the following areas:

  • Preparation of Tender Documents and Contract management;
  • Force Account Procurement Approach;
  • Evaluation of Tender processes;
  • Key Techniques for Preparation of Bill of Quantities (BoQs); and
  • Affordable building materials.

The CMT Department is also engaging in community-based projects as outreach activities of the department. The process that promotes change to the built environment from the neighborhood level aiming at meeting community needs through participatory approach in decision- making at different levels. The outreach activities that can be conducted by the department staff intend to establish active partnerships with community residents and the institutions to advocate and develop strategies by solving the prevailing neighborhood society challenges.