About us


Mugerezi Spatial Technology (MUST) College is registered College under VETA(VET/DSM/2012/C/048) and NACTE(REG/SAT/022P). It started in 2012.

The College engages itself in long course and short courses training. Currently there is two long courses namely Geospatial Technology (NVA III) and Information Communication and Technology (ICT).

MUST College is only a VET Centre in Tanzania which offers a Geospatial Technology. This College has taken up the challenge of preparing youngsters to become professionals at a young age by equipping them with the Geospatial Skills at auxiliary technician level because; geospatial information management is now a fundamental skill in every profession and every sector.

The MUST College has a Competency Framework which gives a student a full, necessary and complete competence to start working and earning at every stage. In order to achieve the VET and NACTE standards, the mode of delivery is designed to fulfill the Competent Based Education Training (CBET) standards which put emphasis on hands-on practical training.

The role of MUST College is to prepare good number of technicians who will work under the supervision of graduate.

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